The severest of angry tellings-off;
getting both rinsed and bollocked at the same time.

Usually a combination of furious rhetoric and personal insults, mostly likely by someone your senior.

What did you do to deserve this?
Person 1: Yo dude, heard Dave in the office getting a right rollocking, wonder what he did...

Person 2: I heard he fed the boss’s lunch to the paper shredder. What a guy.
by go fox yourself April 24, 2019
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Person1: Oh i got 10% in that test
Person2: Really??
Person1: Yeah, I got a right rollocking off Mr Jones!
by lexthepriest October 16, 2007
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rollocks: simular to bollocks but meant with less agression
if u fuck up a computer game you are playing with a child you may use rollocks
by big jay December 8, 2004
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