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To take a chance. To risk exposing yourself to criticism by not following through on a task.
I should check each individual backup folder, but instead I will roll the dice and hope they all completed.
by Blazinga January 05, 2010
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to have unprotected sex, especially with a stranger. Refers to the risk involved by potential for STD infection or accidental pregnancy.
Dave: Dude, I had to roll the dice with this hot chick from the party last weekend.

Jim: Was it worth it?

Dave: I'll let you know in a few weeks.

Jim: Wrap it before you tap it, bro.
by JackJohnsonoff March 30, 2012
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To give a hand job. Comes from the popular dance gesture throwing dice, which usually just ends up looking like a handy.
Guy 1: She's gonna roll the dice for me, if you know what I mean.
by Muracle Whip, Kpo & She-wog November 21, 2010
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a dance move where you move one of your hands in a motion that looks like you are "rolling the dice." it is easy to do while driving as long as you keep one hand on the steering wheel.
Sarah decided to roll the dice to the new 50 song and was doing well, until she weaved almost hitting the construction cone. Anna told her she had to practice safer dance moves in the car for the rest of the trip.
by sarebear13 June 29, 2009
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To masturbate. The term is used particularly to refer to male masturbation(jacking off), since the action of pulling on and fondling one's own penis or testicles often looks like actually rolling a pair of dice.
I was rolling my dice at those tig ol bitties on that hot broad who was giving me a private lap dance.
by Mark H September 06, 2004
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Ejaculating in a female every time during sexual intercourse, completely ignoring the fact of fertility.
Sean never pulls out. He will always roll the dice!
by hatreds December 01, 2010
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