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A city full of suburban kids who think they're ghetto because the public high school is poorly funded and there's vandalism all over the place.

Founded by a seed farm owner back in the late 1800s, Rohnert Park is the home to Sonoma State Univerity, one of the best in the state.

other Rohnert Park kid: "This isn't Oakland, shut your mouth"

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In between the cities of Petaluma and Santa Rosa, people continuously say that Rohnert Park is probably the worst city in the entire world. Those people are indeed crazy! Rohnert Park is the best! Why? Because we have our amazing Safeway! Our totally cool Target! And of course... *drum roll please* a MOVIE THEATER! Rohnert Park rocks and I'm proud to live here!

Oh and beware! We have something equivalent to the Black Smoke in Lost, but we call it... THE SONOMA AROMA, baby! Don't mess with Rohnert Parkians!
Rohnert Park is kind of like a desert, but worse.
by Rohnert Park Resident, Baby! January 24, 2011
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A small, diverse city in the north bay where stoners smoke, skaters skate, gangstas bang, and soccer moms take their kids to school. Specifically, Rohnert Park is in Sonoma County (707) just south of Santa Rosa, CA. Most of the city is populated by Caucasians and Hispanics, with a handful of African-Americans.
Rohnert Park has ghettos, suburbs, and big ass houses...gangsters, skaters, and soccer moms.
by tht1boss July 06, 2009
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a baller place also known as murda park or murder park. it is known for its awsesome people, chill highschool, and kids. a synonym for rohnert park would b baller, cool, pwnage, sickass, chill, tight, hella boss. antonym for it would be petaluma. petaluma is a faggot cock city. ROHNERT PARK IS A BALLER STATUS CITY. known for going dumb, getting hyphy, reppin the 7.0.7
guy1: "dayuum rohnert park is hella boss compared to petaluma"
guy2: "dude i know petaluma sucks, i went there and alls it wuz wuz a small gay city"
guy1:i barely even heard of it"
guys2: "me2!"
by jjcakess April 24, 2008
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