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a baller place also known as murda park or murder park. it is known for its awsesome people, chill highschool, and kids. a synonym for rohnert park would b baller, cool, pwnage, sickass, chill, tight, hella boss. antonym for it would be petaluma. petaluma is a faggot cock city. ROHNERT PARK IS A BALLER STATUS CITY. known for going dumb, getting hyphy, reppin the 7.0.7
guy1: "dayuum rohnert park is hella boss compared to petaluma"
guy2: "dude i know petaluma sucks, i went there and alls it wuz wuz a small gay city"
guy1:i barely even heard of it"
guys2: "me2!"
by jjcakess April 24, 2008
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