The act of a standing 69 in which you also penetrate the anal sphincter by giving the "two thumbs down" rating. This may be given in the event of a poor effort regarding the lower half of the standing 69. Or straight boredom. Also can be referred to as simply "The Ebert". Patent pending on the "Ebert and Roper".
Brought the spinner home from the bar. She had the oral ability of a teething todler. In response to her lack of skill during our standing 69 session, I decided to rate her performance by giving the "two thumbs down" rating, thus invoking the Roger Ebert.
by Drunk guys at the bar September 09, 2011
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To call someone a Roger Ebert is to say that they are a naive pompous asshat with no credibility. It is most often used to describe people who spout their opinion on subjects they know little to nothing about.

This slang term became increasingly popular when the Pulitzer prize winning film critic declared that "video games can never be art," all while stubbornly refusing to play any of the great games of the medium. He found it unnecessary to experience an art form before denouncing its entire artistic merit.
"You hate the book, but you just said you never read it - way to pull a Roger Ebert."
by Sander_Cohen April 22, 2010
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The greatest film critic. Although we can all disagree with some of his reviews, he remains the best.
The skies are always dark with airborne filth in this Los Angeles of the future. It usually rains. The infrastructure looks a lot like now, except older and more crowded, and with the addition of vast floating zeppelins, individual flying cars, and towering buildings of unimaginable size. When I first saw the film I was impressed by the giant billboards with moving, speaking faces on them, touting Coca-Cola and other products. Now I walk over to Millennium Park and see giant faces looming above me, smiling, winking, and periodically spitting (but not Coke). As for the flying cars, these have been a staple of sci-fi magazine covers for decades, but remain wildly impractical and dangerous, unless locked into a control grid. - Roger Ebert on Blade Runner
by Hey Arnold July 14, 2008
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Sam: Wow, my asshole really hurts today.
Gil: Yeah, dude, we Roger Ebert'd you after you passed out last night.
by FilmCritic December 09, 2008
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Students, I don't want to hear any more complaining about the term papers. You've had all semester to do this and the assignment has not changed. It's not like I'm asking you to teach Roger Ebert to yodel.
by Pork Breakdown December 14, 2010
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