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Rogelio is a very cute and wonderful guy. He is very loyal and trust worthy. He cares about his friends and family and wishes the best for them. He is the most wonderful guy every girl wishes to have. He will protect,LOVE, and will always be there for who ever becomes his. He is very funny and smart and sexy. Rogelio is great in bed and wonderful at grinding. He gives the best hugs and is a great kisser. You'll never get over him in a breakup. Rogelio is very strong and athletic. If you have a Rogelio in your life DON'T LOSE HIM.
"OMG who is that he's so cute"
"That's Rogelio" *blush*

"I just got with Rogelio"
"OMG really, don't lose him, he's the perfect guy"
by Dessire Onoya March 18, 2019
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Rogelio is a really nice guy who is lots of fun and cares a lot about his family he loves to play soccer and is a very intelligent guy he is also a very hard working kind of guy. He will also do anything to make his family happy.
Rogelio is hard working and very caring
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by bbg_lol_ March 26, 2017
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Pronunciation: roh-hay-lee-oh

Gender: Boy's Name

Origin: Spanish

Name Meaning: Means "famous warrior" and is a form of the name Roger

More Info: Variations include Rogerio and Rogerios.
Rogelio Quitana is such a cool guy! You know you want to be his friend!
by Pimpe_Ok May 06, 2009
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Rogelio is a very cute intelligent young man his smile give you a fuzzy feeling inside and is very funny he can be mean at times but you can make up with him very easily
Rogelio is a very good boy
by Dbvcdti November 26, 2018
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A kid with dark hair, long eyelashes, brown eyes and a nice 🍑. He loves to play roblox and minecraft, n is always on call with a girl that annoys him a lot. This girl ft him a lot and is always making him go to sleep really late. Shes also always forcing him to play imessage games (especially filler). He says the n word a shit ton of times n his vocabulary sticks on yu very easily. He prefers to b called Roger and loves to skate. He’s also not that bad at skating tbh. He calls guinea pigs rats and hates this one girls dog. He can b really mean but when things get serious he's super nice. His papi is Julian. Also 2 days ago he found something in the bushes that I’d rather not talk about😳.He’s Krystal’s bestfriend but Krystal isn't his😭. All in all he should smd🍆.
Krystal- :o 😔
by purplepicklesinthewind January 07, 2020
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