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A fucking unreal beast that everyone wants to date. Be jealous. You know you love her and you can’t deny it. Rockie is soooo hot and btw you’re a thot so fuck you little shit bitch
I want to date a Rockie

That would be so great to have a Rockie

You’re almost as hot as rockie. Although you could never be as undeniably sexy as her
by ballsackkkkkkk July 24, 2018
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A rockie is a very loving and caring guy. He will do anything for the person he cares about. He follows you everywhere and goes along with everything you do no matter how crazy is it. If your crying he’s always there for you. On the worst of days he’s there to cheer you up.
Rockie: *is a dog* *is waiting at door all day for you to return*

You: *walks in*

Rockie: *wags tail n jumps up happily n follows you*
by MoonlightTheWolf June 09, 2018
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