a way to express oral sex, fellatio performed on a man.
She rocked the mic, til i busted in her mouth.
You rock the mic
Want to come rock the mic tonight?

check iranturave at wordpress (piece)

She Rocks the Mic
by @iranturave (twitter) March 21, 2011
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When a woman provides premium oral sex.
This girl came over to me in the club and whispered in my ear that she wanted to take me to the men's room stall and rock the mic.
by funkdocterspock August 16, 2007
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To handle effectively and impressively; to use or wield effectively, esp. with style or self-assurance.
A: " So, Tracy.... you passed the tests with flying colors and the job is yours.... what you gonna do now?"
B: “I’m gonna rock the mic

X: "Ok Babe... say I am yours tonite... what you gonna do to me?"
Y: "I´m gonna rock the mic ´till you bleed!”
by rperazag July 11, 2010
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A: "Yo Laura... let´s keep dancing... why are you so keen on taking me to the pub´s bog once more... what´s the deal?"
B: "Don´t be such a pussy, I just wanna rock the mic ´till you bleed."
by rperazag July 11, 2010
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