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1: A butt face memer.

2: a noice Canadian youtuber who loves youtubers and can actually sing.
Person 1: *kicks over a trash can of memeswhile singing All Star*
Person 2: wish you're acting like RobertIDK
by Danisfabulous_ November 13, 2016
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A memey boy with a loving passion of music. His editing skills on youtube are to die for, and you will laugh at all of his funny jokes he makes. His smile spreads out to other people, making them feel warm, and fluffy inside. If you don't know who robertIDK is, please look him up. He is one of the best youtubers out there, and deserves more attention than what he already has. Also, if you like spongebob memes, then he's the guy you wanna look up.
"How's it going friends, it's robertidk here..."
-Robert <3

"He makes me so happy honestly, thank you for everything you do robert"
-Me in the comments, and in real life.
by anbilidk July 09, 2018
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