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A person who is shy. Usually the uke in a Yaoi relationship. Roari's are tall, thin, and have very light blonde or brown hair with blue or green eyes. Roari's aren't sexual people, but more modest and reserved unless their boyfriend/girlfriend comes onto them. Shower rooms are their most hated place, then cemetaries. A Roari is the type of person you have to wait to talk to. Roari's are sexy beasts. =)
Roari is such a suck-up

I can't believe Roari. He didn't even change for gym last period!

Roari has got to be the hottest guy in 11th grade. But he's so exclusive!
by Kandi Bear June 06, 2009
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Roari is the most sweetest girl you will ever meet. She is shy and usually as dark hair. She is a true best friend and a great girlfriend. She may look hard to talk to but as soon you get to know her then she’s someone you can tell your deepest darkest secrets and she will not betray you. If you ever find a Roari then you should definitely hold on to them.
Roari is just the best isn’t she.
by Luck_2016 November 02, 2019
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