Strolling around the street aimlessly, without a purpose or direction
Jenkins "I was roaming for like 4 hours last night"
"Jenkins you need to stop going roaming in the middle of the night you flog!"
by haydos22222 July 22, 2014
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Roam- To aimlessly walk the halls during school while class is in session.

Often mixed up with loitering, one is only roaming If they are moving and not staying sedentary
“I roam the halls of school during 3rd hour because I’m not trying to sit through my lecture.”

“Y’all wanna roam right now? There’s a sub.”

“I got my curve points taken away because roam every single day during History class.”
by Tatrsos aka dank meme lord March 24, 2019
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1|Wandering/travveling around, Might be for long periods of time.


3|Wander/walking around. People who have little to do and "roams" around the house.

*The meanings are of equal importance.
"Quit roaming around the house all day!"
"No, just roaming around the countryside."
"Wherever i may roam!"
by Per Kristian November 16, 2007
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World Of Warcraft: The act of PvPing outside of an instance. Killing people on the way to their instance, and playing the game the way it should be.
I'm going roaming outside BRM.
by Rolock September 20, 2006
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Completely destroy, rape, massacre, own, or fuck someone up so completely you jizz everywhere.

Like MURC but more brutally
Get ROAMed!
Dude! I justed roamed that guy so hardcore!
by True DIctionary100 March 04, 2010
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Language In the popular MMORPG World of Warcraft.
Expanding on the L337 Language. Replaces words actual spelling with the "sound it out" and "numbers 4 words" approach. Used by only the l337357 of nerds.

4 fewter refaranse PWEEZ ztawp duh dee pee ess so thuh mayn tengk kayn howld thuh fuhkang hagro yu fawking wetawd.

"QUICK! Assault him with our l337 ROAM speak and destroy his grammer and correct use of the English Language!"
by Tug MuhGroyn January 12, 2007
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