A popular way of saying "What to do" or "What should I do" on the image board 4chan. Normally included with a picture.
I walk into my room and see this, what do?
by Desertman123 February 13, 2010
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also what's doing?

A greeting - another way to say hello or what's up.
Joe: Hey Bob!
Bob: Hey Joe, what's doing!
by Jordija May 4, 2004
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The famous saying created by Mario Fenech when they would play him getting hit in the head by a mis-directed pass on the Footy Show each week. Basically it refers to an unusual happening or sight that the speaker is perplexed by. Since it was used so much it became a greeting of sorts where it was a lead in to a joke by the recipient. It gained international appeal as a greeting compliments of Contiki in 1998 across Europe for travellers from the States, Canada, Asia, Africa and South America.
When you see a bloke cheering on Manly at Shark Park you say "What's Doing?"
by Rob Straker August 15, 2006
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one of the top ten most irritating greetings. can be used to irritate people known to dislike the greeting.
person A: hey, what's doing?
person B: ugh *shudders*
by samanthalloyd January 9, 2010
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short for what are you doing today sir?
what doing? sitting. ob.
by Mike March 24, 2004
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Jack: What do Mark?
Mark: Fuck all!!
Jack: Wanna brew some bots?
Mark: Yeep! Let's scat.
by pot_master March 8, 2006
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