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A Child who acts like a gangster or a pimp is games such as Roblox and Minecraft. They have the mentality of a 4 Year old and act like shitheads. They use racial slurs and slang in every word and also has a speaking disorder making it impossible to say the beginning of a word and vowels. They act tough, getting in fights and lying for attention. They also start relation ships with Thots to act cool with their Block Dicks. They always talk shit and are annoying for anyone. They also fake abs and bling to seem rich to others and fake being black.. Don't speak to them they will instigate a fight and act like a faggot.
Ro-Banger: yo cuh lemme get a strap finna shoot a slaughter gang shit up in here boi
Person: English, do you speak it?

Ro-Bangers Parents: We can't get our white child to stop acting black and acting gangster
Therapist: Ah, so the treatment of this disorder is beatings.
by PhyniXM October 28, 2017
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A robanger is a person on the virtual game ROBLOX who pretends to be a gangster while on ROBLOX, while obviously being on a virtual lego game created for children. They often talk in ebonics and try to appear as an internet tough guy, while to everyone else they just look cringey. They are more often than not scrawny white kids who have to get off when their mom tells them to.
We were playing ROBLOX last night until we got chased around the server by a bunch of robangers
by Spodershibe1 June 07, 2018
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A Ro-Banger is a Roblox player who is constantly playing RP games and RoTinder, such as, Royale HighSchool, Bloxburg. Also, to find a Ro-Banger they will be wearing some designer clothes and you can catch them with the freckles face and also you can find them wearing the ice arm. Also, you can find them playing "The streets". Lastly, a Ro-Banger is someone who only hangs with people with robux.
You're such a stupid Ro-Banger!
by HunchoManny November 22, 2018
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