A combination of blues and jazz that was developed in the United States by Black musicians way back in the day, but has now adopted the form of modern soul with a hip-hop flavor or the softer delicate cousin of hip-hop music.
RnB R&B Hip-Hop donell jones mary j blige chris brown black neyo ne-yo mario keyshia cole r kelly usher ciara
by Michael Witter February 27, 2006
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Specific genre of music typically associated with slow jamz and hip-hop. This genre features mostly processed beats, instruments (if any at all) and singing quite similiar to a person with a stuttering problem or a child with asthma. However, RnB had its glory days during the 80s to mid-90s. After that, it just went downhill. And, all rnb music themes can be narrowed to one central theme: LOVE. Love this, love that, make love, etc. Nothing about life in general, or real poetry for that matter.

Another thing to note is that this type of music is common among the african american, latino, and sadly enough, the filipino communities. Pity these people, for they cling on to an already dead kind of music. For similar definitions, look up karaoke or dead.
"Man, that guy's a typical pinoy, always listening to that RnB crap. He needs more classic rock in his life."
"I kno, fo realz."

"Hey, I went to an RnB concert!"
"What, you mean a karaoke party?"
by TheCollision January 19, 2006
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Rim'n'bum to lick a girls ass (or guy) then fuck it a sex act you would only do with a perticulaly attractive girl (or guy)
Dude that girl is sooo fine I would let her fart in my mouth I would definatly R'n'B that.
There isn't enough alcohol on the planet for me to R'n'B that crack whore.
Bloody spunk farts would be a result of too much R'n'B

rimm bum
by Goingmunting May 01, 2012
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root em n boot them
eg. have sex with a girl and dump them
jimmy had a R'n'B the other night
by Kiel November 14, 2005
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rythm and blues.
music with a beat.. very energetic..involves a lot of booty shakin..love makin movements.. advisable for ppl who want to get it on..or get it off he he
the best r:
" i like the way u do dat right thurr "
" hey ma " cam'ron
"ignition", "snake" R. kelly
by sheni March 06, 2004
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the worst genre of "music" there is. often listened to by teenage girls and women who never grew past the former life stage who are too dumb to realise it objectifies them, as well as by male dumbasses as well who'll listen to anything showing naked women. No person with a reasonable IQ would be caught dead listening to it. Typical chav music.
Beyonce - a horrible so-called R'n'B artist - as if the terms R'n'B and artist ever went together - whose songs are completely unimaginative and repetitive
Ashanti - see above
Usher - see above
Nelly - see above
by yiksi April 07, 2012
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