Robbie Glover, Very talented UK act, being the first act in history to achieve 2 people's choice number one records across southern europe with no record on the radio or label behind him at the time.
Music, Matt Goss, RnB, Fokissed, Craig David
by Urban Market December 02, 2006
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A genre full of emotions. Its calming and the best genre of music ever made.
person- what genre do you like?
person2-Rnb ofcourse!
by yeahbro December 14, 2008
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The worst type of music alive today, popular with mostly unintelligent townies (see definition), most commonly assosiated with hip-hop. Although in the past RnB didn't have the reputation it has today.
"man that song is NANG"


"that song innit, here 'ave a listen"

*places earphone on ear*

"this is music?"
by Kagerou March 01, 2005
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the most incredibly boring kind of music that exists today.
*bored again*
by isiah February 17, 2005
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kci and jojo- all my life - R'n'B
by JustynaD March 08, 2009
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RnB is the root of all evil, forget all of that lust for money crap RnB IS THE ROOT OF EVIL!!!
what music u into?
GET OUT !!!(shoots Rnb fan with Deagle)
by Joe Kang March 20, 2005
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Old form of rock and roll, black version of rock n roll that has evolved into something crap.
Frankie Lymon and The Teenagers is an old group that sounded RnB
by Adventchild March 01, 2006
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