the most incredibly boring kind of music that exists today.
*bored again*
by isiah February 17, 2005
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Old form of rock and roll, black version of rock n roll that has evolved into something crap.
Frankie Lymon and The Teenagers is an old group that sounded RnB
by Adventchild March 1, 2006
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Root n Boot.
When you have sex with someone and barr it afterwards.
"so are you going to see her again?"
"nah it was just an RnB hey.."
by dilemma1 January 28, 2009
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in the song rnb by young dolphin/Meg the stallion “ you can’t talk to my girl she a rich n*gga b*tch
by xoxobarbie October 4, 2020
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one ore more singers, surrounded by other chicks shaking their asses, singing over a stolen beat.
a lots of cash has something to do with its succes.
rnb? what yo mean? rhythm and blues?
naaah rap and bullshit!
by miro July 16, 2003
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RnB is the root of all evil, forget all of that lust for money crap RnB IS THE ROOT OF EVIL!!!
what music u into?
GET OUT !!!(shoots Rnb fan with Deagle)
by Joe Kang March 20, 2005
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Specific genre of music typically associated with slow jamz and hip-hop. This genre features mostly processed beats, instruments (if any at all) and singing quite similiar to a person with a stuttering problem or a child with asthma. However, RnB had its glory days during the 80s to mid-90s. After that, it just went downhill. And, all rnb music themes can be narrowed to one central theme: LOVE. Love this, love that, make love, etc. Nothing about life in general, or real poetry for that matter.

Another thing to note is that this type of music is common among the african american, latino, and sadly enough, the filipino communities. Pity these people, for they cling on to an already dead kind of music. For similar definitions, look up karaoke or dead.
"Man, that guy's a typical pinoy, always listening to that RnB crap. He needs more classic rock in his life."
"I kno, fo realz."

"Hey, I went to an RnB concert!"
"What, you mean a karaoke party?"
by TheCollision January 20, 2006
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