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Intentional misspelling of 2012 USA presidential candidate Mitt Romney's last name as slight to his party affiliation and wealth. Romney = Rmoney
Rmoney = R (Republican) money
Rmoney will win the nomination because he can get the financial backing of the super rich.
by Hadafakaya December 30, 2011
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A wealthy empty suit of a Republican Party politician who keeps all of his money in offshore bank accounts for tax purposes, and who continually spouts falsehoods about economic and tax policy in order to increase both his own wealth and the wealth of other already wealthy individuals at the expense of middle-class taxpayers and the federal deficit.
R-Money says we should trust him even though his tax plan will cost the average middle-class taxpayer $2,000 extra a year.
by Eduardo Suave October 16, 2012
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Da most str8 gangsta Mormon honky dat eva ran fo' prez-dint. He got da money stakd to da SEELIN and he can fire muthafukkaz like dere be no tomorro! Hell, he sez he LIKE firin' dem crazy crackas who do shit fo' him! An' since he a Mormon, he can have like six hos who can't leave him 'cuz da law sez it! He a stone cold pimp, yo!
Mah Nigga: Ay, who you votin' fo'?
Me: I be votin' fo' dat gangsta rappin' pimp R-Money
by Supa gangsta R-Money fan, nig! November 02, 2012
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1.) NOUN. - Relating to GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney's and other super wealthy U.S. citizen's off-shoring of U.S. created GDP (gross domestic product = economic gains) to his personal foreign bank accounts.

2.) NOUN. - U.S. worker earnings removed from the economic system and off-shored to foreign banks by former GOP Governor Mitt Romney and other super wealthy U.S. citizen's to avoid paying more in U.S. income taxes.
The slow economy and low circulation of cash among U.S. workers is due to the 13 trillion of RMoney that is inaccessible to workers as loans to build and grow the U.S. economy.
by Clem Gamble August 03, 2012
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