3 definitions by Clem Gamble

1) System of record low taxes for the wealthiest and low, stagnant wages for the working poor leading the poor and middle class families and individuals to struggle make ends meet.

2) The preferred conservative economic system which essentially tell the the poor and middle class "piss on you!".
Former president Ronald Reagan and other conservatives praise their system of Trickle Down Economics, but what they really mean is "Tinkle Down Economics" - as in Piss On You poor and middle class people.
by Clem Gamble December 08, 2012
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A tax system that does not induce business reinvestment to expand the labor force creating cash flow and a larger taxable base thereby lessening available public investment dollars in municipal, state or Federal Government infrastructure.

As higher taxable income earners are able to keep more of their money in their banks or offshore and not reinvesting in their own nation which would expand cash flow and the taxable base, less money is available for municipalities, states and the Federal Government to fill potholes, repair schools and hospitals, fund environmental clean-up, hire more teachers and nurses, improve our electric grid and other infrastructure.
Potholes in city streets, rusting bridges, cracked highway pavement, under funded Super Fund sites, massive teacher lay-offs, nursing lay-offs, public park closings, under funded emergency services are all examples of Crumble Down Economics.
by Clem Gamble June 10, 2011
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1.) NOUN. - Relating to GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney's and other super wealthy U.S. citizen's off-shoring of U.S. created GDP (gross domestic product = economic gains) to his personal foreign bank accounts.

2.) NOUN. - U.S. worker earnings removed from the economic system and off-shored to foreign banks by former GOP Governor Mitt Romney and other super wealthy U.S. citizen's to avoid paying more in U.S. income taxes.
The slow economy and low circulation of cash among U.S. workers is due to the 13 trillion of RMoney that is inaccessible to workers as loans to build and grow the U.S. economy.
by Clem Gamble August 03, 2012
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