The famous line the main character *otherwise known as Doomguy* repeatedly shouts in the beginning of the DooM Comic.
To this day, those words have become famous amongst the DooM community.
by selfsappingsentry January 14, 2010
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the last words a demon hears before being headshotted by Issabelle from Animal Crossing with a double-barrel
Doomguy; Issabelle, have my shotgun.
Issabelle; Its time to RIP AND TEAR
Demons; Ah fuck
by cesky April 24, 2020
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When you’re a doom fan and you end up in hell.
“Oh.. I’m in hell... Welp, time to Rip and Tear.”
by KAR EN TUK June 17, 2021
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in this day, everyone is allowed to slash furries and faggots in pieces and avoid jail. The days that this is allowed is the whole June month, every day that has a 6 in it (for instance, 6th october or 16th december) and on furries day.
by DoomSlayer666 December 18, 2020
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The excruciating pain one incurs when finally completing a successful bowel movement which feels as if you have just received an episiotomy in child birth.

End result: Bloody stool & burning anus
Son of a bitch Debby, that turd was soooooo big it left me shaking. I always hate those rip shit tear asses!
by Jeepersbo February 2, 2007
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Until it is DONE
Against all the evil that Hell can conjure... All the wickedness that mankind can produce... We will send unto them... only you... Rip & Tear... Until it is DONE
by DracoSG August 21, 2020
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