The overwhelming burning sensation you feel in your anus after taking a god almighty

shit which is often partially liquidus.

This is common after a night of heavy drinking or excessive consumption of food containing chilli.
"That hangover shit was spawned in hell by the devil himself"

"Burning anus ? I feel you bro"
by Tuckerlube March 9, 2014
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the feeling after one has intense diarrea synonims: Reah or heavy sexual activity involving the nether regions in which the anus feels as if it is on fire, burning for hours on hand.
Yo that girl had mad anus burn after Kobe raped the hell out of her last nite.
by Jebby Brizzle September 20, 2006
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The act of accidental thrusting of the backside booty of somebody, usually happens in the act of moving, or trying to escape something or someone. Can only happen between two men.
amanda: "WTF. Did you see that? Jonathon just grinded on Josue when i tried to hit him."
Joey: "haha. ...anus burn"
by manduhmanduh August 18, 2008
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when you lick a man/womans anus till its raw then after using bengay as lubricent use your penis as a hammer from that shitty gopher game we all played as kids and tap that shit till it bleeds.
i was with this elderly man last week who said he never has any fun anymore, so i performed the burning anus tapper then tucked him into bed.
by chicagomeathouse November 7, 2013
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