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The name of a tall, raven haired Hebraic beauty. Her eyes are deep pools of blue which draw in any unsuspecting members of the opposite sex. Wise beyond her years, and unaware of just how sexy she is, she has a flair for sarcasm and humor and on her day her wit will outmatch anyone else's. Friendly to a fault and deeply loyal, she tends to have a calm, measured personality. Should it ever bubble to the service however, watch out! She has a hidden fiery temper that should be feared by all.
Ayyo akh, that Rinat is bangin'!
by ethnik February 06, 2010
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Unbelievably awesome person. Everybody love and respect this guy. Name Rinat usually use for warriors and leaders. Chick magnet, sometimes crazy PIMP

Name is famous among Gangsters, Presidents, Emperors,

Successor, a person who never gives up.

by Rinat Adelshin April 09, 2009
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