When you eat and make false promises
Pretend to be busy
A Rime: hey lets do this and this

Person1: ok lets go!
Rime: sorry i have to shower
Person1: ok ill wait
1hour passed
Person1: *calls the Rime*
Rime: *declines* i have to eat
Person1: fine ill wait....
4 hours passed

Rime: im out coming back at 12 am
by 11x11pm March 18, 2020
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A girl that is Flawless, everyone wants to be her, everyone wants to be with her. She has a sense of humor like no other and a smile that can brighten anyones day. And this girl is so beautiful she reaches just the right mix of classy and slutty. She makes it work !!!!
girl: God I wish I could be a Rime they seem to have the most fun.
boy: And she is hot too !!!
by angel444 March 28, 2018
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The most beautiful girl you will ever meet. Rimes are smart and know how to get something if they want to do it. They have a big heart and put people before them. Rimes always remember birthdays and important dates. It's amazing to have one by your side
Hey look its Rime.
by Budhkbaba November 22, 2021
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literally the best püssy big bööty spicy mamas 10k gawk gawk evah. don’t fckin dare to search it in another vocabulary, this is the fücking real meaning
fxck the examples, theres only one and only rime
by urmomispregnantbymebetch November 21, 2021
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When Google types "rime" instead of "time"...
It's grind rime!
by Alpha Leo December 21, 2018
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A shortened version of Skyriming. To playing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, generally for obscence lengths of time. It will absorb all free time and take over from all social obligations.
Mike was 'riming for such along time, he forget he had other social obligations, such as his pets and his job and girlfriend.
by Marxist Pig September 10, 2011
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Graffiti artist who coordinated and established "The Exchange", New Jersey tagger.
RIME and REVOK collabed through The Exchange.
by star234gurl June 14, 2006
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