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Awesome handsome man with extremely hot girls around him at all times usually plays football baseball and plays basketball on the side for fun. Usually the class clown, makes people laugh and really funny and energetic.
Girl 1: omg he’s so hot

Girl 2: he is definitely a a Rilan
by American Rilan March 28, 2019
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A extremely cute and hot girl. Doesn’t like sharing her feelings because she doesn’t trust people. If you can get a Rilan to trust you you are extremely lucky. And if you get a Rilan thst loves you you are really lucky. Rilan like cuddling and hugging. She also enjoys being with her lover. She will miss you and always love you unless you break her trust or heart. So if you get a Rilan stay loyal to her. She if very great.
Who thst new girl. Isn’t her name Rilan
by Jmplaisance May 16, 2018
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