A guy who is really handsome and strong. A Rikard will always flex on you with his big muscles.
Oh look over there, it's a Rikard!
Oh yeah you're right, he is so strong and handsome!
by Cool_guy_Was_Taken_R.I.P March 19, 2021
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Most fucking awsome guy you will ever met. He might seem like a duchy fuck tard in the beginning but as soon as he wips out his huge mongus duck from his pocket every one changes thier opinion. Even do he has an amazing duck Rikard is pretty awsome too. Some attributes Rikard has is for example: pussy magnet, extremely handsome, funnier then Hitler memes (kinda hard to fucking be that), And having a fucking huge dick.
Wow that guy is really a Rikard!
I wish i was a Rikard!
by forres1 March 22, 2017
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an extremely camp guy. tends to like hanging out in toilets or actually in urinals getting urinated on.
oh, hey bitch... youre are SOOO rikard
by e-Daddy Mac August 6, 2003
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Davidson Rikard is a very famous religious god in the religion named “Rikardsons”. It has over 10 billion followers all of wich are GAY.

Davidson Rikard is an eternal being. He exists in all of us. He’s inside all of us.. physically..penis.

He’s also gay. Very gay. Super gay. He’s as gay as it gets.
are you a follower of…Davidson rikard?

No why?
No reason
by Shawty_pika.boner5 February 7, 2023
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Rikard is a guy with big muscles. He have girls all around him, and he has blonde hair.

Rikard is a Scandinavian king
Rikard is hot
by Hotblack summer girl November 22, 2021
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