An amazing best friend, is funny and always cheers people up, his an amazing person to be friends with, makes me feel guilty when I have to lie to him. Thanks for being that dirty minded person in my life’s that actually understands me,
Ridgy is amazing
by Yourbestfriendfishy:) June 18, 2018
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A group of guys that probably stole your car, you cd’s, your girlfriend, and your moms dignity. Or anybody described as pure awesomeness.
That guy is a true ridgie!!
by Edub128 June 30, 2018
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(Australian slang) Means "the real article" genuine, not false or pretentious.
Mate, I can tell you are ridgy didge and would never try to lead me up the garden path (or lie).
by Howie532 December 18, 2009
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The process of breaking into the drivers cabin on a Sydney metropolitan train and posting photos of you 'driving' the train on Instagram & Snapchat.
by WestRail_memeZ May 09, 2019
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Breaking into the guard carriage of an old Australian NSW suburban train and jumping off the back of the train into the train tunnels. The train is generally a C-set or a K-set.
John: Hey man, feel like doing some urbex
Sam: yeah ok sounds good
John: let's do a ridgie jump
Sam: Yeah man, ridgie jumping sounds good, I haven't been in the train tunnels for a while, let's do it!
by Urbex4life December 03, 2020
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