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A funny girl who loves to have a good laugh. Always the first one to make someone laugh, she is a fun person to hang around with. She always makes everyone laugh with her funny antics and loves Jaden Smith.
She so funny, that Rickelle girl, LOL.
by A BBFL March 05, 2012
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An uncommon name derived from the English name Richard meaning "rich and powerful ruler" and the Greek name Elle meaning "shining light" or "God's promise."
Rickelle, Richelle
by The original Rickelle November 29, 2011
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a) A girl named after her Father and Mother. The father is usually a Rick or other version of Richard and Mother being a Michelle or other name ending with elle or the L sound.

b) A blended name consisting of two forms. A name similiar to the made up names like Shaniqua and other abstractions from the normal versions.
That girl Rickelle is like my friend Brady!

Yeah why?

He was named after his dad Brad and his mom Katie.

Cool beans.
by UniquelyShaniquelyRickelley December 05, 2012
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They're either sweet n' quiet and desire a life of solitude with one they love (or) opportunistic B***h's. Knowne both. The vicious ones typically take advantige of guys letting them buy and take care of everything for them wile the ones that know how to work hard refuce to take help from men. Nice ones are pure and do not seek to have their accoplishments public whereas those selfish ones want their name in everything and steal n' dip in others ideas. This one Rickelle I knew was quiet and dainty and always helpd me. The ohter seemed nice but I told her my ideas and she went and did them the next day after sayin she didnt even like the same stuff. Shady. Make sure you know which one you's hangin with!
Ooooooo.. that girl seemed nice, but she turned out to be the devil!

Well, was she a Rickelle?

Yep. How you know?

She can appear sweet and not be.

Yeah but I knew a nice one too.

That's the thing. You NEVER know with a Rickelle till you get stabbed. Sorry man.
by robochargin555 October 17, 2012
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The most aggravating person on the earth. But is a good person to have a 1 on 1 conversation with.
Have you met Rickelle? She is very aggravating.
by Rhbbs17 July 04, 2017
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Rickelle is the most funniest girl ever! Rickelle is a pretty, fine, and fun chick to be around. Rickelle loves men and is very sexually active. All men strive for her because of her big ASS. But Rickelle can be aggravating at times.
damn that rickelle was so much fun last night at the party.
by andrewthomas1989 February 25, 2019
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