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Literally the greatest person you'll ever meet. Rhyanna will do everything to make sure those around them are happy and positive and that things are alright. Rhyannas are the sweetest, cutest, most beautiful, funny mermaids and if you ever find a Rhyanna hold on to them forever cause they're the bestest ever and don't ever deserve to experience the bad of the world and deserve all the puppies
Person A: OMG!!! That person over there is so nice!
Person B: Well duhhh! They're a Rhyanna! Quick lets go give them some pie
by dogs-in-hats May 11, 2016
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the most beautiful girl in the world is good at everything usually has a model body and a rocking butt she is confident and gorgeous ....if you ever run into a rhyanna you better hang onto that diamond! rhyanna: another word for high class diamond
damn that girl is fine
yea but she aint no rhyanna
by thdit September 10, 2015
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Obsessed with not knowing what to do. Repeats the same question 1 Million times over and over again. Finishes others sentences. Awkward.
by Random guy on the street January 01, 2018
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