Actually most of the definitions here are incorrect. Rhydin lives. It's just not officially sanctioned by AOL anymore. The players took it upon themselves to play it out in user-made chatrooms.
Rhydin is not dead, just on life support.
by Seer-of-Shadows April 21, 2004
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An RP community back in the days of AOL (1995 onward) that consisted of people of every walk of interest. Medieval made way for Final Fantasy 7, which made way for everyone owning guns, which made way for Dragonball Z, which destroyed everything that was redeemable about Rhydin in general.
Most popular locations were Seventh Heaven Bar, Suicide Cliffs, Vampire Tavern and Paradise Bar.
Originally dice rules were strict and well-enforced, which turned into chaos on earth when DBZ was introduced.
"Rhydin used to be a glorious and wonderful empire! .. well, not really."
by Mrs.BadExample February 8, 2007
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The name of the mythical kingdom where an AOL roleplaying community resided.(circa 1995+) now it's routinely used in the context of whining about it being "dead" or saying the "good ole" days are gone. The fact is, everyone stopped playing when much better games cropped up for social outcasts to flock toward.
I used to like rhydin but it's not the same it's dead, it was cool but now it sucks whine whine waah waah
by Cyrus K April 11, 2004
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A place that once exhisted long ago. It was a dream, and was good. A place where one could freely become that of a mythical being. The world was vast and epic. It was not to last.
Former resident SNES Link confirms this to be true. RhyDin is Dead.
by Garrodith November 1, 2003
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A roleplaying community in which dwell several tyeps of imaginary creatures. It was once a beautiful, golden town, but is now dark-cast and evil.
The dream died. The good people are being run out one by one. Welcome to RhyDin. Now entering Reality.
by VacantlyHopeful December 15, 2003
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A fantasy world created that was not to be limited to just medieval. A nexus enviroment of all times and realities.
The basis of Rhydin came from three seperate worlds of Role-Play prior. A jumbling of all together. Whether or not the old days were the best or not is entirely up to the beholder.
by Pike June 29, 2004
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