Rhotos is a brand of eyedrops that stings like a bitch when applied to the eye. The amount of pain varies user to user, but it is often excruciating to most users. It comes in different "strength" levels, such as cool, ice, artic, etc. They are frequently used by marijuana smokers who wants to clarify their red eyes after getting high.
Smoker 1: Dude, do you have any eyedrops?
Smoker 2: Yeah sure, I got some Rhotos.
Smoker 1: Dudeeee, it hurts like a mah fakka!
Smoker 2: Stop being a pussy and suck it up.
by U2Balls November 26, 2010
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Noun: A device to clear up all the blood from your retnas , so your balls dont fall out your ass,!
Fuck, im blunted right now, weres da rhoto at!
by WWefferDan October 5, 2007
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The act of smoking weed and then using Rhoto's eyedrops, and repeating the process. By doing such, you get an overdose of Rhoto's and the slight burn that usually burns so good is now painful.
Man... Last night I smoked so much weed i had to use Rhoto's three times in like 4 hours. I definitely had a Rhoto overdose.
by dumbass8790 May 15, 2010
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