The property of playful bullying that backfires resulting in yourself being playfully bullied.
Am I being Rheaned over that?
by TheBenchInLimsa November 1, 2018
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a girl with a poppin booty, always laughs about everything.

she's nice to everyone, even your fuckboy friends
when she stares at you, she stares deep into your soul with a cute smile to go along.
"Oh my god, wait till this chick walks past us bro. She's got a nice ass."
"Bro, that's Rhean!"
"Shit bro"
by lolroflcop October 29, 2015
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rheanes typically put ketchup on everything they eat, they feed their boyfriends cat food and say “thank you” when you tell them they love them
boyfriend: “love you!” rheane: “thanks
by jxmmygbuckets January 28, 2021
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An amazing person. The word originates from the word prince. It is a combination of scottish gaelic/irish/sanskrit/hindi, for prince. Anyone named Rhean is blessed with skills, royalty, and amazing attractiveness.
"Did you see how perfect he is, I bet he is a Rhean!"
"Woah, what a Rhean that guy is!"
by Rheeeeeeenit October 13, 2021
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A mature and wise kind of friend. Someone you can rely on for everything. Fun to play with, and also the right person to talk to about your problems which makes him such a good friend
Rhean is the best!
by zyu November 22, 2021
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A very handsome man. He is the perfect person for anyone. He is also a funny guy. He can make you laugh anytime. You better not let him go if you already found him.
Hey that our friend Rhean Carlo.
by Reckless. November 23, 2021
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