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Rhani is a really awesome girls name. She is a funny, caring, sweet girl you can only dream of being with. She is a great trustworthy friend to have and a lot of fun
Look at that girl! She's so pretty and nice and fun, must be a Rhani
by jay-ross October 24, 2013
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A smart, charming, charismatic, kind, generous, supportive and loving friend. A Rhani is happiest when making other people laugh with his expert impressions and spontaneous dialogues. She has a keen ability to connect with others and sense their moods. A Rhani is always there with open arms when you need a hug or a shoulder to cry on. As one of the most giving and caring people on the planet, she will support her friends any way that she can. She cares deeply for all those who have touched her life and genuinely wants the best for them.

Rhaniโ€™s are innovative mixologists, specialising in delicious drink and sauce concoctions. They have a wild passion for music, especially percussion and beatboxing. A Rhani loves to get funky and dance and has fantastic moves. Anyone who has a Rhani in their life is truly blessed.
If you life is going great you must Have a Rhani in your life !
by Liveinthemoment September 07, 2017
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