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The nicest guy anyone can meet. Reydens know how to have fun and they get people to fall in love with them so quickly. They know what to say to make anyone happy. They put everyone before themselves. They love like no other . They can make anyone smile . All around reydens are great fellas. Randomly they can make your day with just a few words . They love like crazy and never stop. Reydens have very out going personalities and are attracted to blonde hair and blue eyed girls . They have amazing taste in clothes . Always looking to make someone smile . Handsome and just all around amazing .
I need to get me a Reyden 💖
by married2ReydenCole April 13, 2015
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Smart, funny, adorable, loves like you've never seen, the literal definition of chivalry, so cute and honest, will defend you no matter what, really pure, likes to be called "my king", cares about everyone but himself, honorable beyond belief, hotness puts young Taylor lautner to shame (sorry taylor!!)
-your girlfriend
Reydens the best
by Reydensgf November 04, 2018
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The love of my life, She is the most sweet, beautiful, special person in my life.

the shout of a joy when you see someone you love.

noun or adjective
Only Reyden will make me happy.

by YOUR HUSBAND! I LOVE YA, SHADO October 02, 2013
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