Something that does not exist as it is literally impossible to be racist towards white people. Non-white minorities can be bigoted or hateful but NEVER racist for they do not have the historical power/pretext.

Reverse racism is a term coined by white people, overcompensating for their white fragility.

Some incorrectly believe reverse racism is supposed to refer to a minority race being favoured over the majority race (white people) but this is not racism in any way, shape or form; this is simply the modern times catching up with, eroding and eradicating white supremacy.
African American student gets a scholarship.

A white racist: I'm not smart enough to get a scholarship but I should get one because it’s reverse racism to give smart black students scholarships instead of dumber white students.

African American student: 'Ahh yes, white people are SOOOOOO oppressed...'

Intelligent person: don't mind that racist, it's not reverse racism anyway; reverse racism does not exist, there's simply no such thing.
by It's time to end racism April 23, 2023
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A term created by white people in order to pretend they can relate to those they oppress daily.
LeRoy: White people are so wild, I don’t fw y’all.
Brandon: You sound very racist right not.
LeRoy: Reverse racism doesn’t exist, Brandon.
by lyvou November 5, 2018
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Doesn’t exist since you cannot be racist to the oppressors or majority.
Person: “Bro, look at that cracker.”
Person 2: “That’s reverse racism.”
Person: “No, it’s prejudice
by poopysock18462 April 24, 2022
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Isn't real.
P1:"I hate black people they are dirty n*ggers!"
p2:"White people are crackers! You racist pig!"
P1: "that's reverse racism"
P2: "reverse racism is faker than your "seasoned" food. Bitch."
by Lololololololol 3 April 10, 2016
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Technically, it is a reaction to racism towards non-Caucasian people. It includes economic and political benefits in effort to compensate for past and ongoing social oppression experienced by non-Caucasians.

Such oppression ranges from marginalization to physical abuse to childhood emotional scarring to the gym teacher shouting "DO YOU SPEAK ENGLISH" to every Chinese kid he sees. But none of these examples are anywhere near as catastrophic when compared to a reactionary anti-white joke told by a black standup comedian. From this reasoning emerges the term "reverse racism".

With respect to the term itself, "reverse racism" implies that there is backwards logic behind racism against Caucasians, and that it is somehow more deserving of disapproval than just regular racism.

Furthermore, "racism" and "reverse racism" can be interpreted as binary oppositions, where "racism" is the (socially conditioned to be) acceptable state, while "reverse racism" is the unacceptable counterpart.

Reverse racism can also be interpreted as a defense mechanism for "white man's guilt".
"Anyone who points out our race problems is a reverse racist." - the GOP

"Reverse racism hurts my feelings." - racist
by ithinksoanyway August 26, 2009
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Making assumptions about a person's race based on generalizations about that person.
A black person moves across the street from you.

You think "There goes the neighborhood."

Reverse Racism:
You think "All black people just moved across the street from me."
by CiL4eva July 5, 2011
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a concept which technically doesn't exist due to the fact that racism comes from and is built upon power. it has always benefitted white people throughout history.

yes white people can be discriminated against.
"hey don't say that, that's like reverse racism"
"no not racism but it was mean"
by give me money and food January 26, 2021
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