When someone of little or no intelligence on the internet gets into a discussion, debate, or argument that they cannot keep up with because of their inability to think and process information outside of their closed little mind, and respond by calling the other person more intelligent than them (A TROLL)! This act is therefore TROLLING because it's a cop out to an intelligent conversation by which the one more intelligent is falsely accused of being a troll as a trolling diversion tactic of the Reverse Trolling which is always done by stupid trolls. Also, to call someone a Troll when they are Not A Troll.

Trolling is when you purposely do or say something to get a response for the sake of a laugh or attention. However, most people being shit brain stupid confuse this with popularity of already being famous and actually thinking so as to not follow stupid sheep that all do and say the same thing all the time. The inability to see these differences combined with a habit of calling people trolls too often will always result in Reverse Trolling.
Example A:

First Person: A person of average or less than average intelligence can only perceive and conceive others as intelligent or less than intelligent as they themselves are. Very rarely, if at all, will they try to understand that which they are not open to, for they are not neutral and are still using labels to identify who and what they are, even though it is all misrepresentation of how they feel and think.

Second Person: You're a Troll.

First Person: No, you're a Troll for Reverse Trolling. It's not my fault you are too stupid to keep up with the conversation.

Example B:

First Person: Did you hear what the president said on t.v.? He's trolling!

Second Person: He's the President you dip shit, he's not trolling, if anything he says as little as possible to keep people calm. Quit Reverse Trolling and grow a brain!

Example C:

First Person: I'm an Atheist.

Second Person: So do you use The Scientific Method or do you always prematurely make up your mind about everything before knowing the facts? Most Atheists are just rebelling against everything and find it cool not to think at all, often telling other people what to think, and any belief system is a religion, so this makes Atheism just another religion.

First Person: You're a Troll.

Second Person: No, you are Reverse Trolling for not being able to speak back with anything other than calling me a troll. Forget it, I'm leaving, come and find me when you grow a brain.
by xselectivex January 27, 2011
Someone who is good looking on the outside, but a total troll on the inside. Personality wise, think of the equivalent of Danny DeVito's ratchetness on "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia."
Damn, that guy is so fine. It's too bad he's a reverse troll though.
by justoneolivethough January 24, 2015
adding an unpopular opinion to an online comment thread to bait people into an actual civilized discussion with the hopes of bringing enlightenment (see trolling: adding an unpopular comment for no other reason than to sow discord)
Girl why do you love commenting facts on conservative pages and asking racists to explain what they mean? You're such a reverse troll.
by bluedevil99 December 5, 2017
It is when you troll to counter someone else's troll
What is american football?

is it that sport where you kick things around and shoot baskets?

(links to wiki about american football) read this article it is very informative

Wow you are such a magnificent reverse troll
by thefeelscrew December 1, 2013
When someone disagrees with your opinion on a message board or forum, you accuse them of being a troll, suggesting that any sane person would not hold their opinions.
Reverse trolling is the #1 Internet Tactic for sperglords like me.
by Downvoting Victim January 5, 2014