A sexual position, much like the "69", only with the male on top of the female. This gives the male complete control and the ability to "piledrive" his member into the female's mouth, often causing discomfort and/or choking on the part of the female.
Yo, you know that chubby scenester chick with the shitty tattoos I picked up at Julian's last night, over by Federal Hill? Man, I had that girl turning six shades of blue when I gave her the reverse piledriver... and my cock is only four and a half inches!
by GargamelPrime March 18, 2010
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When a Skinny white chick is getting plowed in both the mouth and in the ass. The ass is covered by a big buff black man and the mouth is taken by an insane russian who wants to make this chick his bitch. so this chick is basically getting smashed
Did you hear how Alex and Josh gave Rebecca the Reverse Russian Piledriver?
by JazzinJaquar May 23, 2009
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