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Sex with your partner before dinner and a movie.
We had a reverse date because I knew I would piss my partner off during dinner.
by nmarkus13 July 11, 2014
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A date where you do what a normal date/relationship would do in opposite flow.

A normal date: awkward convo, meal, sex, sexting/booty calls

Reverse date: sexting/booty calls, sex, meal, awkward convo
"So I went on a reverse date last night"

"How did it go?"
"Well, during the awkward conversation I finally learned her name and stopped calling her by her okcupid handle"
by Ohwhatchamacallit August 16, 2014
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when the girl pays for a date, instead of the guy.
girl1: "did he pay for the date last night?"
girl2: "no, i took him out on a reverse date"
by notwebsters November 12, 2010
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