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When you've had such a terrible bout with some extremely explosive diarrhea. The kind in which no toilet paper or wet wipes could do you an ounce of help.

1. You head to the shower and turn the faucet on. Prop yourself underneath with your legs up on the wall and let the forceful water from the faucet completely douse your ass crack and nether regions for a complete cleansing.
2. You turn your back to the sink, turn the faucet on and continually splash the water on your ass crack and nether regions completely cleansing any shrapnel or remnants of the disaster.
(Hand soap can be used in either scenario for extra cleansing)
After returning home from a Wing Fest, I had such an awful case of explosive diarrhea that a roll of tissue paper was not going to suffice, my only saving grace was to partake in a reverse bidet and douche my nether regions.
by Max Nova July 03, 2009
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