The Rito Champion in Zelda: BOTW. Originally comes across as a total dickhead, Revali uses arrogance and rudeness to suppress his insecurities. He’s also kinda hot... for a bird. Like REALLY fucking hot. You just can’t hate him.

Let’s be honest; Everyone who didn’t want to fuck Sidon wanted some of that birb dick...
Girl 1: I hate Revali! He’s such a jerk!
Girl 2: I’d fuck him though
Girl 1: WTF he’s a bird!!!
Girl 2: Sidon is a fish tho...
by trashs October 13, 2019
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A sassy, prideful bird from the Legend Of Zelda, Breath of the Wild. Revali is the Pilot of Vah Medoh, the easiest fucking boss in the game. Revali looks strikingly like Falco Lombardi, but he's kinda the cheap ripoff Falco.
"Revali is an absolute Douchebag"
"Your right, but also your wrong"
by Dickbooster August 30, 2019
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The phrase refers to someone who believes others are inferior (due to race or skill) and to have sex or sexual behavior with people they think less of and to then brag about it. This vulgar that can be used as both a noun and a verb.
"John won't stop telling me about all his incidents with revalis"
"Don't tell me it's over honey, it was only a stupid revali"
by Naturál September 29, 2020
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