While in the midst of wiping one's tush after defecating, the act of wiping, then folding the toilet tissue over to reuse it.
Brian: "Man, I was taking a dump in the school bathroom the other day...and it wasn't a very good one. I was wiping and wiping and wiping and still had to wipe more but I was running low on toilet paper."
Joe: "What'd you do....fold and reuse?"
Brian: "Uh YEAAAAAH.....did I have any other choice?!"
by stockman09 March 4, 2008
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A female that is so ran through that she is reused and abused
Guy: I with I want to get with that girl from that party on Saturday

Friend: don’t do that that bitch got STI’s and she got reused milk
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3 amigos who when put together can solve any crime because
Reduce: the criminals life

Reuse: the body for evidence

Recycle: The criminals life away

Criminal1: Have you herd about the trio that go by the name of reduce reuse recycle .

Criminal 2: No! what are they?

Criminal1: Ya there a group of law enforcers

Criminal2: Oh shit I gotta watch out
by Kaiden m December 1, 2017
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Another word for cannabis used by boys in Kariong. Short for Chartreuse (a bright green colour).
"Ay ladskii, link near cottage 6 for a mix?"
"💯 cuz I got that primo Reuse too g"
by TrpgdEY50 January 22, 2022
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