3 badasses that fuck shit up #kawaiifeme #motherfucker
I went to this party and the 3 amigos were their and I knew shit was about to go down!
by Anebasher November 26, 2014
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The cock and balls, what else could be so inseparable? They just cuddle up together in the scrote. God gave man the three amigos to prevent loneliness.
Brosif #1: hey man you wanna chill today?
Brosif #2: nah man I’m extra tired, all the energy I have left is for my 3 amigos, imma tug a few hot ropes out and sleep.
Brosif #1: no sweat man I know how those days go.

Example 2
Bradley cooper had a very saggy 3 amigos, he could do a squat and the 3 amigos could touch the floor with steez
by SlipperyYMCA January 29, 2022
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best server including the best people in it literally awesome place i love everyone there they make me feel so happy i love talking to them smmmmm ilyilyily
person1: hey have you heard of the AMIGOS<3 server?
person2: yas they the chillest mfs!
by xvnitdz March 20, 2022
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3-4 favorite cousins that nobody can come between or break apart.
we saw the 3 amigos last night they all was wearing the same outfits , an riding in this big white jeep .
by Matilda James November 20, 2019
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