Retrosexual is the love of the traditional life style and fashion of the 1940's to the 1960's. Retrosexuals often wear fedoras, suits, and listen to swing music.
Ana: Will just bought 5 Benny Goodman cd's and bought a fedora hat!
Steve: Good for him. Maybe he's going retrosexual.
by RetroGuy June 22, 2010
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an experience with someone later in life who was known and perhaps dated at a much earlier time of life
"I had not gone out with her since high school, but I found her on the internet and now we are seeing each other again, I guess you could call it a retrosexual experience"
by iRustin September 13, 2009
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Someone who has many stories or references to past sexual encounters, but nobody can remember anything in recent times.
"David is such a retrosexual"
"How so"
"He's telling his high school sex stories again, even though he's been dwelling on them for years. Why doesn't he at least tell us something new"
"Well, they're all he's got"
by BWhatley February 22, 2009
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A male who is the epitome of polar opposite of a metrosexual. One who embraces, trucks, flannel, thinks Eddie Bauer is Haute Cotour, member of the NRA, thinks Bush is SMRT, and believes Capitalism is the American Way. Doesnt know his way around a kitchen other than to find a refridgerator, and a microwave. The slogan "If you cant NUKE it, its not worth eating" is the mantra of the day.Dont forget a can opener to eat his Chef Boyardee Ravioli out of the can. MIGHT remember to bring his wife flowers on their anniversary or her birthday. Probably had 1- 2 kids, wife stays at home, she cooks, he fixes the house. A testosterone filled male void of human emotion, except when they try to pry the gun from his cold, dead, hands. Choice of music is 80's hair bands, and classic 80's pop music, as long as it's not too prissy.

I consider my office mate a retrosexual!
See Officemate (9n-104)
by Scott B. May 21, 2004
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A person who is sexually attracted to older people.
** Examples of Use**

1. Krista will only date people who are 10 years older than her. She is a hopeless retrosexual.

2. The older women is the cougar while the younger man is the retrosexual.

3. If you use the term MILF then you might just be a retrosexual.

4. Hugh Hefner's playboy bunnies ==> retrosexuals.
by seydie July 23, 2010
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Someone who does it 'old school'
That bloke doesn't have his eyebrows threaded and he isn't even wearing his hair in a bun...
Yeah that because he's a retrosexual, not a moisturising wet wipe
by Duttbag August 09, 2019
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Term used to define a heterosexual male who listens to 1980's Synthpop music that, all though mainstreem at the time, is labelled "gay". A retrosexual is usually a fan of atleast one of the following bands: Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, Thompson Twins, Information Society, Tears For Fears, Culture Club, joy division, new order, etc.Also known to hum the mainstream madonna hits. Excuses for this include too much exposure to MTV at a young age, young mother, older sister, or "good taste in music".
Just because i listen to depeche mode doesn't mean i'm gay. Dude, I'm a retrosexual, ask your sister.
by Djduckie August 05, 2005
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