1. One who is skeptical of technological developments until their usefulness and reliability have been proven.
2. One who insists on minimalist equipment that may be user-serviced.
3. Sagacious but irritable expert.
4. A person who prefers natural and/or organic materials over metals and synthetics.
1. He's such a retrogrouch; he's still riding a bike with a Brooks leather saddle and friction gear shifters.

2. That retrogrouch is still using a film camera.

3. If it's not made of wood, it's not a real sailboat, as far as that retrogrouch is concerned.

by macungie September 25, 2008
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A pejorative term referring to a person who rejects or dismisses modern technology in favor of older, often obsolete designs, usually for no good reason. Unlike a Luddite, a Retrogrouch doesn't hate all technology, and is usually motivated more by a belief that their particular favorite era of tech is cool, rather than any particular ideology.

A person can think a particular era of technology is cooler than modern tech without being a Retrogrouch, the difference being that the casual enthusiast is usually amiable and willing to admit that their preference is based on subjective/aesthetic taste, and that modern tech is generally superior, while the Retrogrouch is abrasive, irrational and tends to shit on anything they don't like.

Use of the term is generally limited to community forums dedicated to discussion of specific types of technology, such as bicycles, cars, and firearms.

A: "What's up with Fudd? He seems to hate anything that was made later than 1952"

B: "Never mind him, he's just a fucking retrogrouch"


A: "The US Military should have kept using the M14"

B: "Seriously? The M14 was practically obsolete when it was introduced"

A: "I bet you're some kind of faggot who can't handle 7.62 NATO. Real men use wooden furniture and heavy calibers,

not plastic toys"

B: "That's ridiculous. Every modern military has moved to intermediates and polymer furniture for a reason. You're

just being a retrogrouch"


A: "Personally, I'm a fan of old-school steel framed bikes"

B: "But carbon is so much lighter!"

A: "Oh I know, I'm not some stupid retrogrouch. I just think the old steel ones are cool-looking"
by XxxAnalInfiltratoRxxX April 4, 2015
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One who is too stubborn to learn new technology.
That retrogrouch refuses to learn how to e-mail.
by Turnspike February 10, 2003
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A really cool liberal blog at www.retrogrouch.net
by Retrogrouch September 29, 2003
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