someone who is really wise and has alot of sense.
Thats a very sagacious comment you just made.

The way he talks is very sagacious
by Olivia Palmer March 10, 2007
A person who is extremely wise and intelligence in all things
by Nana_Sir September 8, 2017
A sagacious is a dick curved at an angle so much that it pokes either the left or right ovary when fucking a female.
I fucked a dude with a Sagacious and I think I may have bruised an ovary. It really just felt like my left ovary was being fucked and not my pussy
by Sexymarx June 5, 2019
Shrewd, or having incredible common sense, also
just being an overall smart-ass/quick wit.
Man 1- "Hey, man, did you see that bitch?"
Man 2- "That one?"
Man 1- "Yea, I was like 'let's go back to my place' and she looked at me and said 'no way, I only do good-looking guys.'"
Man 2- "Jeese, that's rough. What a sagacious slut."
by Jamsie June 2, 2007