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1) A Autobot/Decipticon that is utterly retarded.

2) Something that has to do with a machine of some sort that is retarded.

3) An insult inferring mental retardation of a person.
1 Guy #1 "Dude, there's a transformer that transforms into a Short-bus."

Guy #2 "What a retardicon."

2a "Your car can only get AM? Man, your car is a retardicon."

2b "That gundamn is a such retardicon."

3 "You are such a retardicon."
by Syn122 January 29, 2009
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Dinobot (dinosaur autobot), stupid person on the internet.
Dat retardicon, he done said he did that whack shit, and he ain't even trippin'.
by Daren Ebacher November 22, 2004
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An easily found substance, unnoticable to many people, but used by many. It causes retardation in many individuals.
Damn, that guy must've been smoking some retardicon!!
by jonathan m foster November 13, 2005
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