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From the Canadian CGI show, Beast Wars. Dinobot was a Predacon, the descendants of Decepticons, who challenged Megatron's authority and was therefore expelled. He attempted to become leader of the Maximals, descendants of the Autobots, but ended up becoming part of Optimus Primal's group. Dinobot was irritable, impatient, would choose to utterly annihilate his foes as opposed to giving them a chance to surrender, had the attitude from hell, and...well...ate his clone.

However, despite all his flaws, Dinobot was one of the most honorable characters in the entire show. He showed this in the centerpiece of the second season "Code of Hero." Dinobot, in a final act of heroism, beat all of the Decepticons into retreat to preserve the valley where humans would come into existance and evolve into the homo sapiens of today. But to do so, Dinobot sacrificed his life. Exhausted, battered, and near death, Dinobot created a makeshift hammer and smashed it into Megatron's chest, making the golden disk, which allowed Megatron to alter Earth's future, fly out of a hidden compartment. Dinobot caught it and, transferring all of his remaining power into his eye beams, destroyed it. He collapsed to the ground as shards of the disk fell around him. The Maximals arrived shortly after and were in time to say there final words before Dinobot's spark rose from his body to join the Matrix alongside the heroes of Cybertron.
He lived a warrior...and died a hero.
by Strikerflame August 08, 2005
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A member of a (non-combining) Autobot team consisting of Grimlock, Sludge, Slag, Snarl and Swoop. These robots transformed respectively into a T-Rex, a brontosaurus/apatosaurus, a triceratops, a stegosaurus and a pterodactyl/pteranodon.

They were adapted as toys from the Diaclone range, and had the cockpits to show it. All five were released in the US and Japan, but Swoop was not available in the UK.

In the TV series, the Dinobots were portrayed as stupid, speaking in a dumbed-down dialect ("Me Grimlock, not like you"; "Me Slag want to hear story"; "Me Sludge not do what you say"). The story was that they were created on earth by Wheeljack, and were switched off after going berserk. They are exceptionally strong in the cartoon, able to easily dispose of regular Decepticons. They were regular features of stories such as "Desertion of the Dinobots", "Dinobot Island" and "Grimlock's New Brain".

In the comic, they were activated early, hence their being modelled on dinosaurs. Again, they appeared regularly, with one storyline devoted to an attempt to round up the Dinobots after they went berserk.
There is also an individual character in Beast Wars who goes by the name of Dinobot; he turns into a velociraptor.
by Andy July 22, 2004
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1. A team of Transformers from the original Generation 1 series. A heavy weight team of hard-hitters who were 5 reasons for the Decepticons to stay in bed every day. Lead by the (pressumed royal) Grimlock, the other memebers with Dinosaure-based alt modes include Sludge, Slag, Swoop, and Snarl.

2. Dinobot was a pivotal member of the MAximals during the duration of the Beast Wars. An ex-Predacon, his actions, while not exactly Maximal in concept, saved all of history.

3. Subline of Transformer toys with dinosaur-themed recolors of existing toys.
"Us Dinobots do what other Autobots no have guts to do."
by NeroMan September 23, 2003
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A big girl that turns into a "vending machine"
according to an interviewee, on the flavor of love 3 show:
Reporter: Got any advice for Flavor Flav and his new show?
Barber: Yeah tell that bitch to watch out for some dinobots; they be eatin' away his money
by John walter March 09, 2008
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Member of a well-known and well-liked Counter-Strike Clan that has been existence since 2001.
Texas is a DinoBot. He sucks at CS, but he IS a DinoBot.
by Nigel Gandy May 05, 2005
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