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Imperial units, the unit system many Americans still rely on, even though its retarded.
Inch, foot, mile, ounce, pint, gallon, pound, and imperial ton are retard units.
by vektorweg June 03, 2017
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Retard Units is an unofficial synonym for "imperial measurements". As the rest of the world use metrics, the internet culture started mocking the medieval traditions of the Americans, and how little sense the usage of imperials pose compared to metrics.
Space begins 100 kilometers from the earth, that's 62,14 miles in Retard Units.
by Alseimik March 05, 2018
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when a lot of retards get together and start thier own unit. most of them need wheelchairs or zimmer frames to move. they can use thier walking sticks as shotgun when anouther unit drives up on thier turf. the reatrd unit often perform drive-bys on thier wheel chairs, and some times have drag races in thier wheel chairs modded with nitrous oxided that can get up to speeds of 150 mph.
wow look at the retard unit they can bearly walk but they sure can fight.
by Shady Man April 17, 2006
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What pretentious @#$%heads from Europe usually call the imperial system. It's simply a way of saying imperial system of measurement if you're a pretentious twat waffle.
Pretentious twat waffle: It's 32 degrees Celsius outside or 90 retard units.
Normal person: It's 32 degrees Celsius outside, or 90 degrees Fahrenheit.
by EuropeSucks December 04, 2016
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