A trait where everything someone says comes out as bitchy or sarcastic, regardless of actual intent.
"Is Jacob going to come out with us?"
"I don't know. He said he'd 'love to come, sounds like lots of fun', but it sounded like he was making fun of me with that resting bitch voice of his."
by chefBR November 12, 2015
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Resting bitch voice: "the voice equivalent of resting bitch face, where a nice person's tone of voice comes off unintentionally as if they're angry. The tone of voice can come off this way even if the nice person is saying nice things, it is all about tone of voice. Just as a person with rbf can be perfectly content and kind, so can a person with rbv. Rbv is most often apparent when a person is speaking emphatically, but can be apparent regardless of what the person is saying.
Cathy why do you sound so angry?

Cathy: I'm not angry at all.

Cal: She's not angry, she just has resting Bitch voice.
by Murica Michelle July 21, 2019
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Resting Bitch Voice (RBV) - a disorder in which an individual presents as incapable of controlling the amount of bitchiness in the tone of their voice. Symptoms are often intermittent and can come on suddenly. An increase of severity of RBV is often seen in concurrence with other health conditions such as stress, at certain times of the month and with tequila use. RBV often worsens with age. While RBV was officially named in 2022, the condition has existed within certain populations for many years. There is no known cure.
Wow, I just had a run-in with your friend. She was super agro. Who? Oh....no....she has resting bitch voice.

Omigosh , did you hear Maria was diagnosed with RBV?

Your Honor, I was not being disrespectful to the officer, I suffer from resting bitch voice.
by JeniJeni August 18, 2022
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A female voice that is usually a little deeper than other females and has a somewhat unimpressed, sarcastic, bitchy or somewhat cynical tone to their voice naturally, at almost all times, unless they are putting forth an effort to change their voice to make it sound more high pitched, happy or enthused. The resting bitch voice is typically worst during the early morning hours and/or late at night. These people are not really irritated all the time, it is just how they talk.
If your mom asks you what's wrong every time you talk to her on the phone and/or your significant other constantly thinks you are annoyed with them when you are perfectly fine and/or your co-workers always ask you if your not feeling well when you talk to them before noon; you may have resting bitch voice.
by Mur hur July 13, 2015
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\ ˈre-stiŋ bich ˈvȯis\

Resting Bitch Voice (RBV) is a colloquialism in the fashion of "Resting Bitch Face (RBF)"

The event occurs when someone says something in a monotone and snarky way without knowing they said it.

One may imagine if a "Karen" started to speak. She may have resting bitch face AND resting bitch voice.
Cory: Why did you do it THAT way?!
Carter: Be careful, you are speaking with Resting Bitch Voice (RBV)
by Bobby Peach April 15, 2020
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