This is much like the medical condition (Repetitive Strain Injury or RSI) however this applies to actual life situations.

The injury is usually sustained by someone who fails in their everyday life multiple times without having anything positive happen to them.

This injury can become very severe for the most unluckiest of indiviuals.
Repetitive Fail Injury (RFI), Young Mr Smith (YMS)

Boss X: Finds YMS fully inserted into some warm sheets in the laundry cupboard whilst he is supposed to be working hard for the company, 20 minutes later… YMS has no job

YMS Is travelling home and is very sad at his job loss, however on the bright side he will be able to see his wife earlier than expected... Unfortunately when YMS arrives home and walks into the living room with a large bunch of flowers. He is confronted with no less than a football teams worth of men performing what can only be described as 'A large spill in the white wash paint aisle in B&Q' to his wife.

YMS's Wife: "...Sorry??"

Immediately leaving YMS he decides to try and cheer himself up by taking a trip to the seaside in an attempt to brighten up his day, unfortunately on the way to the beach YMS is stopped for speeding and given three points and a £60 fine.

On arrival to the seaside he heads straight for the amusements. YMS sadly has a gambling addiction ... after several hours he leaves the amusements having spent all of his money in fruit machines. Apart from 99p which of course is for a Mr Whippy unbeknown to him the actual price of the famous '99' is now £1.65.

As YMS is walking back to his car in his sombre state, 16 individual seagulls deposit their earlier meal of chips and general waste upon YMS's head, shoulders, knees and tie.

YMS having nowhere to go, no friends or money is now fully diagnosed with RFI.

God rest his RFI'd soul.
by ThomoBootie November 25, 2010
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1. One of the side effects of an advertising or 12 Step program.
2. Causes the people use a slogan instead of a thought process when talking to other people.
3. A very annoying trait.
4. Leads to a disease called steppism.
1. I can not stand all of this advertising going on. Someone starts a slogan, it catches on, and the next thing you know everyone has a repetitive slogan syndrome.
2. I went to an AA meeting last night and all of the steppers had repetitive slogan syndrome. I felt like I was at an advertising convention for Bill W.
by JR Harris April 22, 2011
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A facebook illness that involves constantly hitting the refresh button on the task bar. Usual symptoms include unusual amounts of joy at notifications, and using the refresh button until notifications appear, with often as little as 5 seconds between refreshes.
Steve sat and stared at his computer screen. He had left the girl on which he had a crush a comment, over two hours ago, but she still had not responded. Steve found himself unable to remove himself from the computer, and unable to wait for her to write back. He sat, mindlessly refreshing his facebook home page until a notification appeared. Steve suffers from Repetitive refresh syndrome.
by benpg December 16, 2007
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When someone uses like way too much in a conversation, usually to connect ideas and thoughts.
"Alright, so he was like so cute! I was like so happy that like I met him. He's like so kind and he like always like cheering me up when I was like down and stuff. So I was like asking him if he like wanted to like go out and he was like..."
"OMG, shut up! You got a serious case of repetitive 'like' disorder!"
by the_weirdo May 31, 2014
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When you sleep in one awkward position so often you hurt yourself. Like a repetitive stress injury, but done in your sleep.
Jack- Man, my shoulder is killing me!
Amanda- Ouch, did you hurt it playing baseball?
Jack- No, I think it's a repetitive sleep injury.
Amanda- Stop sleeping on your side then!
by Aleighbee August 15, 2010
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To send more than one message to a person before they have a chance to reply, making the sender seem needy. The sender often doesn't understand that the receiver probably cant reply because they cant get to their phone at the moment, so repetitive messaging is pointless.
When I switched on my phone I had five messages from Sam. Serious repetitive text bombardment.
by buttons0191 July 12, 2011
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Noun. Abbrev. DRS

A speech pathology where the patient constantly spouts quotations from films/TV shows/songs because they are unable (normally due to nervousness or incompetency) to verbalize their own thoughts.
A: What is wrong with that guy? Every other sentence is from The Hangover.

B: He's got Dialogue Repetition Syndrome. He's too much of an idiot to say what he actually means.
by The Observationist July 18, 2011
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