In speech, when someone repeats themselves in an attempt to assure the listener of their intention. Often repetitive assurance is utilized by those who have nothing better to say, so instead they opt to say things twice. Repetitive assurance has been made popular by the character known as YeahYeah from the movie Sandlot.
Rebecca: "You going to go to that movie tonight?"
D'Antonio: "Yeah yeah!"
Rebecca: "How about you, Matt?"
Matt: "I'm in. I'm in!"
Rebecca: "What's with all this repetitive assurance lately?"
"What was he thinking? I mean, what was he thinking!?"
by theBigKat February 16, 2010
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The act of repeating an error.
Though individuals know all too well that repeating an error will hurt them, unexplainably error repetition is not uncommon.
by profact October 21, 2017
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When you have a repetitive cum session that is impossible to control.
Josh why is your bed so sticky? Well mom i had a Repetitive orgasm When i was with jenny last night
by Suicidejerkman July 22, 2019
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Commercials that appear to come on so much that you would very much like to die, or destroy the tv. Like those commercials that say '...if you have an erection lasting more than 4 hours...' Those drive me insane. And I don't understand the whole bathtub thing.
Timmy was just a bored little boy who enjoyed watching tv, when, all of a sudden, a repetitive commercial came on. He didn't think of it much until it had those same words as every commercial. He then proceeded to think of how he would pay money to actually get rid of commercials than actually have them advertized.
by crotchetyteenager November 23, 2010
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The inability to remember if you did something you do every day.
Every morning when you leave the house, you push the button on the garage door remote closing the garage door. Then 10 minutes later, you can’t recall if you closed the garage door because you do the exact same action at the exact same time every morning, so they all blend together and you couldn’t tell if your memory was from that morning or any of the previous mornings where you went through the same motions like you have countless times before. You just experienced Repetitive Familiarity Amnesia.
by TheChrisenator July 20, 2021
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The main symptom for this disease is the act of cycling through a select series of very vague and non-meaningful statuses or mild variations of previous statuses because of a lack of creativity.
An example of Repetitive status syndrome:
_______ is just lovin life right now.
_______ Go Pack!!!
_______ is Sitting, Waiting, Wishing
_______ did absolutely nothing productive with my life today.
_______ had a good ending to his summer.
_______ is absolutely loving life right now.
_______ lets go pack!
_______ is sitting, waiting, wishing.
_______ has yet to do anything productive today.
_______ started summer with a great night
by Flying Z February 13, 2011
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Hand strain gained through excessive touching of the naughty naughty places.
"I did done spaff so much last night I got a case of Repetitive Spaff Injury! And it bloody hurts!"
by Just Me, yup. October 07, 2006
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