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A Versatile beast. Truly one of the most profound wild card people ever. He may do 60% on everything he does cause he is selfish with his time. That's the thing. He could do anything once taught. From flying a plane, killing people, healing people,building,cleaning,driving,running,fighting,go to the store for you. He could do anything and that's what makes a Renzon a versatile beast. He may not be the best. When it comes to doing a completed different task 180,90,45 of what he just did, he could do. This is not a right hand man, this is a mutherfucking Kintaro of arms.
Shift Manager: *on the phone* Hi Aaron you coming to work today?
Aaron: No I found another job, sorry dude.*hangs up*
Shift Manager: *on the phone again* Hi Sammy you coming to work today?
Sammy: Sorry I don't feel good today *hangs up*
Renzon: *already at the job site* don't worry I'll be cashier/fryer/make the sandwich/clean the whole place today ,close then open and prep in the morning to do a 14 hour and close again.

Shift Manager: well fuck me damn...
Renzon: Maybe after work
Shift Manager: no I got a boyfriend , and it was a figure of speech.
Renzon:I figure we fuck here right now and nobody will know.

*Shift Manager gets cummaged and ravage*
by West-coast booster October 12, 2016
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a renzon is a person who doesn't like anyone, he hates people and is an introvert. getting near him will cause him to explode in a rage of flames and every chaotic stuff you can think of. a renzon is a person who cares nothing for your existence and will never acknowledge you if you help him in a project or basically anything. a renzon is the worst type of person ever.
You are a complete renzon, you seriously burned my English copybook and claimed it was an accident? You didn't even care when I asked who did it! You are such a b*tch you know?
by ErosTheTurtle November 18, 2018
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