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Renoan is simply a person from Reno; however, they are a unique, different and separate from other people.

Renoans have a unique dichotomy. They are the hardest partiers you will ever meet as well as studious individuals. The same person can always be the drunkest person at every party (everyday even) and an honor student with a 4.0, full time job and head of the local charity. It's interesting their ability to handle a drunken life amongst a life of important, meaning existance.

Renoans are not to be confused with Reno-ites: all the strippers/whores and their boyfriends, drug dealer/supplier and all around creepers from Reno.
Doug - "I don't get it! Ashley drinks all the time, smokes but she never missed a class and she started a charity."

Dillion - "Wow, She is a true Renoan!!!"
by DougieBoy July 08, 2012
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